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walk in tubs in Philadelphia PA

Walk in tubs for Philadelphia, PA homes are ultimately the most convenient form of bathing units for any homeowner though they are largely marketed towards elderly, infirmed, or disabled homeowners who need a safer and easier method by which to enter a tub. While it might not seem like it to some, entering a bath can actually be a difficult or otherwise dangerous task for differently abled peoples. With walk in tubs for Philadelphia, PA homes these issues are completely eliminated and a new sense of security and dependability is established for people with otherwise limited mobility. A sense of independence is important to people, no matter what. That’s why walk in tubs for Philadelphia, PA homes offer a wide array of customizable features available to further assist anyone with needs. It’s easy to add or choose a model with handles, seats, or wide birth doors. Even with a regular bathtub outfitted with such features won’t fulfil all the needs for people with limited mobility. Tacking on a handle to an otherwise normal bathtub is more of a “band-aid” solution. That is, not offering a real solution to the issue at all. Because twenty inches of height, the average dimension of a standard tub, can be a real problem for some people, most Philadelphia walk in tubs have a door that swings open based on the user’s needs. The door can open in a “V” or “U” shape to assist in entry, and models for both right and lefts hands exist, whichever side is preferable. The doors on walk in bathtubs in Philadelphia, PA are also perfectly watertight, so you won’t have to worry about any leaking or spilling. Finally for comfort, water jets are also available on a wide variety of Philadelphia walk in tubs. Not only are the jacuzzi jets relaxing, but are also shown to promote health. Studies have linked them to aiding in back pain, joint pain, and muscle relaxation. To learn more about the benefits of a walk in tub in Philadelphia, PA call us at (215) 515-4749 to speak with experienced, highly specialized professionals.

Why On Call Plumbers for Walk In Tubs in Philadelphia, PA?

Walk in tubs for Philadelphia, PA homes are a convenient approach to the issue of limited range and mobility, and On Call Plumbers professionals understand the concern. Should you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain, or simply have less range of motion, walk in tubs in Philadelphia, PA are the way to go. Not only will it provide appropriate assistance for the physically disabled, it allows them to be more independent as well. For the sake of comfort and safety, have a Philadelphia walk in tub installed. On Call Plumbers can come to your house and run through the options with you. There are a great number of selections to choose from, and On Call Plumbers staff can guide you in your purchase. Call (215) 515-4749 for a free at-home consultation and estimate on walk in bathtubs in Philadelphia, PA.

Common Reasons for Philadelphia Walk In Tubs

  • Differently-abled residents
  • Elderly residents
  • Limited mobility or chronic pain

There are few other options as readily available and convenient as walk in tubs in Philadelphia, PA. If you or a family member is in need of assisted bathing, a Philadelphia walk in bathtub can solve a large amount of the associated problems. On Call Plumbers staff can even write you up a free estimate to see how much installing one would cost. To get a better idea of what walk in tubs in Philadelphia, PA can cost you, call (215) 515-4749 for a quote.

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